The best moments, can be a single word or look

The best moments, can be a single word or look

Having studied photography, I am an active photographer that dedicates my lens to children and precious family moments. My artistic background allows me to render a photo to an interpretation. Not for everyone I know, but true portraiture is just not my thing. I like to blend into the background and take candid, informal shots. My passion is to simply catch an emotion, a feeling and spirit in a fleeting instant …. the soul beneath a child’s eyes, a smirk, an unconditional embrace.

I like to document these occasions in a narrative book, a storytelling DVD or prints of choice. I have also been commissioned to paint the moment on canvas. Again not an exact portrayal, a likeness …. a little quirky and abstract.

My husband and I have owned and managed a large fashion retail company for a lifetime! My role was mainly head of product, as well as a deep involvement in store fit-outs, marketing and PR. My early education leant me always to the arts. I paint, mainly abstract canvas. I am a keen art collector, (local artist, David Laity my personal fave!). I write too. This has been more fashion press releases and a personal play with children’s stories.

Photography has always been an obsession. More so, since having our three children. Becoming a mother is my greatest joy and the moments with my family literally take my breath away. I am constantly armed with my camera, sketchpad, snapping those twinkling pauses. All documented as our shared, life-long treasures.

I live and believe that “ sometimes at the best moments a single word or a look is enough”.

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