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The power of the written word has been a life-long obsession of mine. WORDS connect. Words INSPIRE. Words enchant, captivate and enthral. A phrase of words can encourage and motivate. Words educate. Words evoke EMOTIONS. A simple word can break an empty silence. Words call ACTION. Words take the reader on a voyage of discovery. Words are LIFE. Words are a liberating voice. Choose your words well. Allow me to choose the right WORDS for you and manage the magic ELOQUENCE within your business.

In My Shoes

Having spent a lifetime creating beautiful shoes for the quintessential fashion lover, I am a self confessed ‘Imelda’. My designer peeps have sashayed though an extensive career across multiple, fashion industry platforms; design, retail, buying, brand development, marketing, communications and the successful establishment of a pure-play online shopping destination; I am living proof that, “give a girl the right pair of heels, and she can conquer the world.”
With over 20 years experience in the coveted world of fashion, I have successfully combined my innate, creative talent with my passion for TEXT. I am an experienced and highly recommended freelance copywriter, producing engaging and persuasive copy for print, website and email. My first hand intimacy provides content and copy that will inspire, educate, entertain and promote. I have recently extended my pen from ‘Sole’ to ‘Soul’, working with natural health, well-being, and holistic healing experts.
My long love affair with words, now sees me stepping out, in my bespoke heels, to fulfil my dharma as an author. My first book release, Little Angels, debuted worldwide at the end of last year. A book that I hope makes a difference to children’s lives. I am available for workshops, speaking engagements and book signings.

I am busily creating the second book in my angel series, Teen Angels, due for release this year, 2016. First hand experience, has expanded my awareness into the alarming increase in bullying. Intimidation made easier within our modern cyber world! I feel extremely passionate about empowering and supporting teenagers struggling with anger, sadness, fear, insecurity, anxiety and mistrust.

The first of my own story ‘In My Shoes’ is scheduled for release next year.

It’s great to be known for your shoes, but more fulfilling to be known for your ‘soul’ xx


Little Angels - Sarah Figgins


Little Angels spreads its sparkling wings, colourful & bright, spreading love anywhere you like! This is a beautiful book that empowers our kids and shows them how to share their love & kindness. Order your special copy today and have it signed by the author and her ‘little angels’. Be a part of our sparkling magic. With love Sarah xx



It is the united desire of three sisters to connect with like-minded children and share their inner wisdom. With simplistic yet empowering messages and illustrations they hope to make a difference to other children’s lives; to reduce fear and anxiety, spread hope, teach that anything is possible, and to demonstrate that love is within all of us. Entwined in the book are questions for you to answer as you read about the universe, magic, fairies, Mother Nature and unicorns. See if you can find something the Angels have gently left in each picture.

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Allow me to share the magical messages of Little Angels within your school, library or local community. To sprinkle love, awareness and kindness with children. Or commission my pen services for customised unique text, to engage your ideal audience for your business.


Speaking Engagements

Sharing Little Angels within school, community and library groups. Tailoring workshops around the book’s empowering messages. Connecting children to their inner wisdom and love within.

Book Signing

Of course, I’m available for book signing appointments! To meet and greet at bookstores, schools, conferences and events. Perhaps, with a ‘Little Angel’ or two, or three!

Website Content

Website Content

I will tailor unique text to optimise your brand and services. From “about us” to “services” to “trend forecasts” and “product descriptions”. Strong copy, ensuring your brand stands out in a monochrome digital scape.

E-blasts & Newsletters

I’ll enhance your relationships with your database. Writing emails that get opened, read and clicked. Create some WOW!

Landing Pages

Customised individual landing pages with targeted SEO rich wording. I will construct exclusive content that will successfully convert browsers to buyers.

Blog Posts

Struggling to find the words or the time! Allow me to get readers to know, like and trust you? Whilst we build rich SEO and website traffic.

Press Releases

Snatching media attention with a great press release generates hype for your product / brand / services, as well as informing the industry at large, on any recent developments.


Everyone has a story, let me help you find the words to tell it. Whether a Linked-In profile, a professional summary for your “about me” page, or personal bio, I’ll weave your magic.

Social Media

Establish and or build social media avenues, effectively engaging your audience to successfully drive and endorse your brand awareness.

Trend Forecasts

I will summarise trends, seasonal looks & collection features for in-store manuals and /or online briefings. I will create concise, interesting text, showcasing seasonal key words and embellishments.


Sit back, sip a chai and indulge in the random WORDS of a happy, yoga-loving, shoe-addicted mother of three…..


LOVE WITHIN – the true meaning of life is LOVE and action. By giving you find true happiness. May this inspire your loving action xx